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>> Apprenticeship and Training Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Round-Table Discussion – June 24, 2020

Business Development

This is an all-in, 100% Integrated Team approach for ultimate accountability

  • Targeted, continuous outreach early to build true, sustainable, relationships
  • Partnering with Unions, Subcontractors, Assist Organizations, Professional Service Providers
  • Long-term subcontractor commitments – not just “checking the box”
  • Data-driven Mentor/Protégé Model measuring capacity growth metrics

Capacity Growth of MBE, WBE, Small and Medium Sized Firms achieved by:

  1. Rigorous inclusion of business of all sizes and tiers in the prequalification process to assess subcontractor capacity and capabilities and to identify MBE, WBE, SBI, and MBI firms.
  2. Facilitation of relationship building between the construction manager, subcontractors and suppliers.
  3. Analysis of prequalification data to plan and set MBE and WBE participation goals on each project bid package.
  4. Analysis of prequalification data to create targeted bid packages in the model of the Department of Procurement Services SBI and MBI program where applicable by law.
  5. Mentorship of small and medium sized businesses to facilitate capacity building in these firms.
  6. Effective compliance controls and audits to ensure that the plan is being implemented and is effective.
  7. Working with the CDA to use KPI and performance data from previous projects to focus our resources, build upon previous successes, and learn from previous problems.

AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa’s approach to maximizing diversity and inclusion will be based on providing the most up to date information through our website, continuing our existing relationship building initiatives and events, as well as, aligning ourselves with the right assist agencies to ensure that we are being as inclusive as possible when promoting business opportunities.

The AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa team will provide up to date information on scheduled outreach events, an online pre-qualification process, information about the AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa team, explanation of project work scopes, and information on bid opportunities thorough our interactive and informative website. We intend to engage businesses through CDA organized Vendor Fairs, O’Hare 21 Events, and through outreach to Business Development Agencies.

Contractor Networking Events – AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa will be participating in CDA sponsored Networking events aimed to strengthen the relationship between the AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa’s executive leadership and its strategic subcontractors along with numerous small and medium sized, minority and women, veteran, and LGBQT construction firms to engage in long-term knowledge transfer, capacity building, and strategic partnerships. As a part of this initiative, AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa has developed a series of training modules that we will be presented on a regular basis, tailored for this specialized “aviation” environment to help provide business advice to emerging and established businesses.

These modules are listed below:

  1. Getting and staying prequalified
  2. Building Your Direct Relationship with AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa
  3. Building Your Direct Relationship with Strategic Prime(s)
  4. Building a Supplier Diversity Program (for Primes)
  5. Building a Diverse and Inclusive Office and Jobsite Culture

Subcontractor Appreciation Event – Our annual networking event where the executive leadership, project executives, project managers, and project engineers from our team come face to face with existing and potential minority and women owned subcontractors to build relationships, learn about upcoming projects, and talk about their past and current work experience.

The AECOM Hunt Clayco Bowa Capacity Building Mentorship Program has a focus on building the capacity of diverse firms to successfully bid, manage, and self-perform the type of work typically procured during the design and construction of airport projects.

For more information: O’Hare 21 – Doing Business with a Construction Manager at Risk